7 things you must do to avoid feeling sleepy all the time

We keep receiving emails in which students complain of feeling sleepy all the time. This happens majorly during the exam time. Trust us, we all have been there. Sleep is dearer during exams but we have for you ways through which you can fight this laziness. Water Drink a lot of water. It ensures that... Continue Reading →


Need For Self-Study

Self-study is a very important aspect of education which many children are ignoring these days. No amount of tuition or coaching can help you if you do not take out time to study all the topics again by yourself. Here is what happens normally. We are taught something at school or tuition. At that time,... Continue Reading →

Why one needs to practice gratitude

Gratitude is the readiness to show appreciation for and to return the kindness. All self-help books preach that gratitude is amongst the most important practices in the world. Those who feel grateful for what they have on a regular basis tend to attract more of what they want into their lives. Students, if you include... Continue Reading →

Why you must work on your grammar

Many say that the English language is not a barrier and that we shouldn't judge someone if they can or can not speak it. This is all true. But we cannot ignore the fact that most of the competitive exams test people for English grammar. In fact, the text of other books of Science or... Continue Reading →

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