NEET 2017: Useful Points.

Since some time now, we have been receiving many requests asking how to prepare for NEET 2017. So, we bring to you a few pointers that we feel will help you to face this examination.

  • Every topic from class 11th and 12th holds equal weight, make sure that you don’t miss out on anything and give a little more time to revise class 11th content because chances are that you must have forgotten much of it.
  • Majorly NCERT in itself covers the most important topics for NEET, however, make sure that you refer to other books as well.

You can Refer to the following books:

Concepts of Physics by HC Verma
Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick Halliday

Inorganic Chemistry : By J D Lee
Organic Chemistry: By Morrison Boyd
Physical Chemistry: By O P Tondon

Trueman’s Elementary Biology
Genetics by Rastogi

For practice, Refer Question banks, previous years’ papers:

D C Pandey Objective Physics
Physics Problems by Irodov
Dinesh Objective Biology
Trueman’s Objective Biology
Arihant publications’ question banks

  • You will have to define realistic goals for yourself. Both long-term and short-term. Make sure to set aside time for practice tests after every few topics so that you can tackle the speed quotient of the exam. Try to do as many topics as you can on a regular basis so that you have enough time during the end days to revise and re-revise.
  • Let’s be honest, there are many formulas that need to be “rattofied”, make sure that you note them down and have a proper topic wise list prepared for your reference so that you can look up for them easily. While watching ExamFear videos, you’ll realise that we have given easy ways to memorise a formula. You can also use your own personalised ways to memorise formulas. Perhaps by using a set of words or changing the lyrics of a song with a formula.
  • There are times when a question can be solved through multiple approaches, make sure that you practice them all so that you don’t face any issue during the final exam. You should know how to go about a question and what all things to look at before going ahead to solve it.
  • Be honest about your progress because unless you know where you really stand, you won’t be able to judge the amount of hard work that you need to put into something.
  • While preparing pen down all the topics that you find difficult to understand so that during the end revision you don’t miss out on them. On the last day, it becomes impossible to go through all the topics. You can refer to the important ones and take help from ExamFear Notes
  • Solve as many Mock papers as you can, study the style of the paper by referring NEET 2016 questions.

Please refer to the link to check the NEET Syllabus. You can also download the NCERT books from the NCERT website. These books are also available as mobile apps and can be downloaded from iOS, Android and windows phones.

We hope that these points help you with your NEET preparation. Since this pattern has recently been introduced, not much can be predicted about the topic wise weight. Therefore make sure that you cover all the topics. Also, the exam will be tougher than AIPMT, so prepare yourself mentally as well for it.

In case you have any academic doubts, you can ask them on the ‘Ask Questions’ section of





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