Commerce, Humanities or Science?

Commerce, Humanities or Science, this one choice is troubling many of our class 9th and 10th students. To help you out we bring to you a few points that you should keep in mind before making that final decision.

1.) It’s your career, so listen to your heart. Don’t get influenced by those who don’t matter.

2.) Know your attitude and aptitude: You might be interested in science but if your marks suggest that you aren’t really good in that subject then perhaps it isn’t the right choice for you. Don’t get swayed away with emotions. Think practically. If you can’t score in a subject now then it won’t be easy for you to score in it when it becomes difficult in senior classes.

3.) It’s not about prestige: Many people think that those who chose humanities aren’t good enough in studies. Well, they are living in a shell. Don’t let such laid back thinking affect your decision.

4.) Science increases your options : There is another common belief that those who take science have more options to apply for after class 12th. Well, just for reality check. If you score less in class 12th with science as a base then you will end up in a soup.

5.) Commerce and Humanities don’t have much career options: Well, that’s completely untrue. In today’s time all the fields have endless opportunities.


Opt for science not because you are the topper of the class, take it if you like the subject. If gravity intrigues you, if chemical formulae excite you then go for it. Don’t let anyone else control your career for you. Go where your heart takes you but hey, don’t leave the mind behind.



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