IIT JEE Preparation guide.

Soon after your class 12th board exams get over, you’ll have to face a series of entrance exams. One of them being the major JEE 2017. JEE Main 2017 will be conducted on 2nd April 2017 and its result will be announced on April 27, 2017. Students who qualify the mains will then appear for JEE (Advanced) 2017 examination which will be held on 21st May 2017.

To qualify for appearing in the exam, students need to have at least 75 per cent marks or be in top 20 percentile in Class XII examination. SC, ST students should have 65 per cent marks. To know the remaining eligibility criteria to you can click here.

With just about 6 months left for the Advanced, we are sure that many of you must be troubled with questions about how to go about this major exam.

To help you out, we bring to you a few points that will help you prepare for JEE 2017

NCERT IS YOUR BIBLE: IIT JEE exams are based on the NCERT. So, make sure that you are thorough will all the topics that are given in the textbooks. You should understand all the concepts and remember all the important formulas. You can refer to ExamFear Videos that are based on NCERT syllabus.

DO MOCK PAPERS: IIT JEE exam is a time based one. You need to answer almost 30 questions each of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths in about 3 hours (90 questions in all). So, it is imperative that you work on your speed. Make sure that you set aside some time during the weekend to do mock papers and previous year question papers.


Paper One: Each section contains 10 multiple choice questions with one correct answer, five multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers, and five questions that require the test taker to provide a single-digit answer.
Paper Two: Each section contains eight multiple-choice questions with one correct answer, eight questions that require responding to a reading passage, and several “matching list”-type questions.

STUDYING MATERIAL: You can refer to the following books for the exam

Class 11, 12 NCERT
Concepts of Physics : By HC Verma
Resnick Halliday Physics
Problems in Physics: IE Irodov

Class 11, 12 NCERT
Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd
Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
Modern approach to Chemical Calculations: By RC Mukherjee
Physical, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry by OP Tondon
Arihant Publications

Class 11, 12 NCERT
RD Sharma (Class 11, 12)
Differential Calculus by A Dasgupta
Trigonometry & Geometry by SL Loney
IIT Mathematics : ML Khanna

SET ASIDE TIME FOR REVISION: With so much on the platter, very often we tend to forget what we studied a day before or perhaps a week before. Therefore, it is important to do timely revisions of every topic.

WRITE DOWN IMPORTANT TOPICS AND FORMULAS: IIT JEE covers the syllabus of both class 11th and 12th. One should write down all the topics that they find difficult to understand so that they can go back and review them when needed. You can refer to ExamFear Notes

EXERCISE/MEDITATE: All study and no play makes jack a dull boy and jill a dull girl. Go out for a few minutes at least every day, play some sport, meditate or just take a walk and fill your lungs with some fresh air. It is a healthy habit to empty your mind sometimes.

We hope that these points helped you a little. If you have any academic related doubts then you can feel free to ask them to us on http://www.examfear.com/question/

Good luck for your exams





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  1. A good article. When I was preparing for the IIT exam with catalyser, the whole ncert was made thorough and it was considered to the priority. We solved many mock tests, many year question papers to understand the paper pattern to the fullest. Worked with a proper time table which helped us get plenty of time for revision as well. The study material provided by them had all the formulas written collectively which helped in the revision. It was a good learning experience and also brought me success……


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