Need For Self-Study

Self-study is a very important aspect of education which many children are ignoring these days. No amount of tuition or coaching can help you if you do not take out time to study all the topics again by yourself.

Here is what happens normally. We are taught something at school or tuition. At that time, we understand everything but soon enough we forget about it.

If you do timely revision and practice what is taught to you on a regular basis, you’ll register all the concepts in your mind. You’ll know your strong points and weaknesses and can, therefore, work in the right direction.

Study, not just memorise. We appeal to all our students. Please take the time to study all the topics and don’t just rely on what you see.  Especially in practical subjects. Make sure you write down the questions and solve them on your own. Understand the topics from your teachers and then do practice it.

Practice is what will make your perfect. Always remember, “Self-study is the key to success.”


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